What to Expect With Pokemon X and Y?

Pokemon X and Y have been officially announced by Nintendo. The Pokemon series has been a famous game among players of all ages. It has over 5 generations of Pokemon game which we all know most people have enjoyed playing. Pokemon X and Y is the first installment of the 6th generation of the game. It features a lot of brand new Pokemon including the starter Pokemon and the legendary ones.

So what do we expect from this game? This game Pokemon Versione Smeraldo ROM will be available in the Nintendo 3DS and with that in mind, we can expect a 3D feel of the game. It the battle system will still stay the same but the animation has been improved compared to its predecessor. It offers a brand new world to explore and thousands of other trainers to battle with.

The game allows you to choose what gender your trainer will be and who will be your partner Pokemon. There’s not much information about the starter Pokemon like their evolution and their abilities but all we know is that they will be sticking with the usual line up of grass type, fire type and water type Pokemon. Chespin will be the grass type Pokemon, Froakie a frog like Pokemon that is a water type and Fennekin which is a fire type Pokemon that looks like a dog.

Pokemon X and Y also offer 2 different legendary Pokemon which will be available on their respective version. Xerneas the legendary Pokemon that can be seen in Pokemon X looks like a deer that has a lot of branching horns. Yveltal will be a bird type Pokemon offered at Pokemon Y. There are still no details regarding these two legendary Pokemon like where to find them and how to capture them.