1998.5-2002 Dodge Cummins VP44 Injection Pump

One of the most typical mechanical issue with the 98.5-2002 Dodge Cummins was failing of the Bosch Vp44 injection pump and lift pump. For many years these have actually been infamous for heading out and costing customers a great deal of money, particularly if you take your vehicle back to the supplier, repair work price usually average concerning $3000. There are 3 usual mechanical failings of the VP44 injection pump:

The most common mechanical failing of the VP44 pump is rupturing of the diaphragm in the front of the injection pump. The diaphragm ruptures permitting the timing piston to shake and also damage the front cover till gas bypasses. This will trigger the dreadful check engine problem code P0216. When this happens your Bosch VP44 Injection Pump need to be replaced. The rupturing of the diaphragm 6.7 cummins oil type is caused by an improperly developed lift pump. When the lift pump does not provide the Shot pump with the correct quantity of Gas Pressure (a minimum of 5psi under tons at vast open throttle) the diaphragm after that does not have enough positive stress and tears. Dodge has recognized this issue as they will no longer even offer the lift pump that goes on the side of the block, they replace it with an unit that is currently placed in the container. The ordinary cost of having the lift pump put in the tank has to do with $800.

The next most common mechanical failing of the VP44 is that the blades takes in the head of the pump. This once more can be added to the lift pump not providing sufficient gas to the shot pump. Diesel Fuel is utilized as a lube, so when there is an insufficient amount of gas the blades does not obtain lubricated correctly. If the blades seizes the vehicle wont beginning and the VP44 Shot Pump need to be changed.

The last reason for the failure of the VP44 pump is electrical issues with the computer in addition to the pump. Warm is the main factor associated with this issue, triggering the firm parts to end up being crystallized in time and also make poor connections. Absence of fuel is once more component of the issue, due to the fact that the VP44 is cooled down with gas as opposed to oil (as the old P7100 12valve pumps). When this issue happens you will generally experience periodic difficult starts, white smoke and also what’s typically described as “The Dead Pedal”.